Appoint Solutions is part of the 2Gears group. Appoint solutions specializes in developing Rich Mobile and web Applications, while 2Gears provides technical and business consultancy and software. Our approach is to solve our clients’ challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our clients range from small retailers to large international banks.

Mobile applications

Your customers are becoming more mobile. They expect the same from you. Creating an app may seem complicated, and with so many different platforms and devices, what to do first? The answer: All of them! Using state of the art web-technology, we will create your cross-platform mobile app fast. Your app will run on IPhone, Ipad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and can be distributed as native applications through the App stores or accessed through the mobile browser. This approach saves the effort of developing the application for multiple devices while providing most of the devices functionalities that native applications do, reducing time-to-market significantly.

Don’t think that this versatility comes at the expense of performance! We have demonstrated that web technology can be pushed to limits not seen before. From simple data apps to fast moving games with high-definition graphics and multichannel sound, nothing is beyond imagination anymore. Contact us for a free quote and advice.

Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications have almost all strengths of classical desktop applications but almost none of their weaknesses, by leveraging the latest possibilities in internet technologies. Installation is not required as the application is accessed through an internet browser. The application can be deployed as internet or intranet applications. Even very complex applications can be designed and implemented in very little time. The resulting application does not require any browser plugins like Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. Take a look at one of our portfolio for some examples of the possibilities.